Hello every one join us now it's free Register u can Download game it's free.

Please Respect our Rules.

You can Report If you have any bug.

Welcome to Immortality-Online
1. By joining the server you accept our rules.
2. The instructions of the staff must always be followed
3. The team will be treated with respect and kindness
4. Don't ask the team for gold, items or events
5. The team is not responsible for user's mistakes, e.g. buying wrong items, being cheated by other players, alchemy mistakes and the like.
6. Bug-using in any way is - strictly - forbidden
7. Begging for items or events is not allowed!
8. PK2 editing is completely forbidden!
9. If you found a bug, you have to report it and you are not allowed to use it!
10. Murder on events is not allowed!
11. Any transactions with real money against chars, items, silk, gold or similar is forbidden
12. Advertising for other sites/server is forbidden!
13. Auto target / script botting in Fortress War is not allowed!
14. Tracing trader, hunter, thief in normal or job mode is not allowed!
15. AFK or Script Botting in Job Mode is not allowed!
16. AFK or Script Botting in the Forgotten World is not allowed!
17. AFK or Script Botting in BA & CTF is not allowed!
18. Cheating in job mode is not allowed (e.g. picking own/friends goods)
19. Lure or stuck of unique monsters is forbidden!
20. Not cheating in BA or CTF event e.g. Multi Character or Auto register!
21. We reserve the right to ban or delete your account/HWID/IP at any time for violations of our rules.!
Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: dummy Tax: 0%
Hotan: dummy Tax: 0%
Bandit: dummy Tax: 0%
Constantinople: dummy Tax: 0%
Server Status
Official Server Time
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